Matt Walton is based in New York City and continuously endeavors to be a unique and compelling voice in telling our modern American story, through both the scripted and unscripted outlets of the constantly evolving media landscape that he calls “The News-tertainment Singularity.”

Matt Walton was born the son of a Vietnam vet turned altruistic (read: broke) attorney and raised in rural New Jersey. His mother discovered and encouraged his creativity at a very early age, but soon succumbed to cancer. At 4 years old, Matt found his calling to be a storyteller when he saw Star Wars, wanting not to be Han Solo, but instead, George Lucas, the bringer of whole new worlds to the people struggling through this one.

Other creative talents soon blossomed including poetry, painting, sculpting, and drawing, having written and animated his first graphic novel series (The Further Adventures of Boba Fett) in 2nd grade. Matt won several awards and scholarships for his artwork including a plaque from Governor Thomas Keane for an Environmental Awareness poster campaign. Next came the performing arts: singing, piano, and especially acting, performing in dozens of community shows and writing and directing his first play (Tom Sawyer) in 7th grade.

However, running a bicycle shop seemed like the most logical future career option in his area, since cycling was his only form of transportation and source of income for his paper route, Thus he became an expert mechanic, custom builder and champion BMX racer.

As a teen Matt delved deeper into all aspects of the creative trying to determine where in life theses skills could take him. He inherited a 35mm camera and explored photojournalism, He became the voice of the school’s Morning Announcements, played keys and lead vocals in a rock band, and wrote and directed his first film (The 12 Labors of Hercules) in 10th grade, using two VCR’s to edit. Also being heavily influenced by late-night talk shows and classic comedy, Matt experimented with stand-up, sketch comedy and hosting.

At the same time he played Varsity Lacrosse, was an avid runner and fitness enthusiast, and developed a passionate interest in history, politics, philosophy and psychology. He dabbled in the family business with quiz-bowl, mock-trial, debate-team, and student government, while developing his writing prowess as a journalist and essayist, and was selected to represent his school at a future-politicians prep camp, NJ Boy’s State,

Continuing to win awards, scholarships, and college credits in the visual arts, Matt was leaning toward a career as a comic book artist, but decided he could make more money acting since he quite wrongly assumed the age of the super-hero was over. Thus his future seemed to choose itself as he was awarded a full scholarship to a performing arts program near New York City his Jr. and Sr. year of high school, and then a full ride to earn his BFA at The Boston Conservatory, where Matt became a paid professional actor at age 19.

Those other passions helped quite a bit in college as he took side jobs being a Boston Historical Guide, a commissioned muralist, art designer and caricaturist, teaching a children’s theater program, and becoming Founding Editor his College Newspaper, The Boston Conservatory Marquee.

All those years of training and experience paid off, as his first year out of school Matt became the highest paid actor in Boston, which led him directly to the New York stage. He worked on dozens of plays and musicals in NY and around the world.

An accomplished mixologist and journeyman architect, Matt has collaborated with some of NY’s finest restauranteurs, club owners, and hoteliers, designing spaces and cocktail menus with Jean-Goerges, Peter Gatien, Rande Gerber and Ian Schrager, to name a few. He is currently VIP Brand Ambassador to the new app Insta-Party and will soon be opening his very own members-only lounge, resource center and performance-space for stage professionals in Times Square called The Pin-rail Club.

A health and wellness aficionado, Matt is also a certified personal trainer and nutritionist, having worked in several upscale gyms and privately training many celebrities. He is writing his first cook-book for Judith Regan Publishing focusing on simple healthy meals for the time-restricted professional.

Matt also has a flair for the sartorial and all things gentlemanly, being raised entirely by old-school Catholic males, and having read every issue of Esquire Magazine cover to cover since he was 10 years old, in order to hold his own at the annual family holiday dinner discussion of the top news stories of the year (and also to attract women). His wardrobe is massive and one of his most valuable assets, and Matt could teach any man, no matter what shape, size, or income level, to dress for ultimate success.

As an actor Matt found lucrative employment appearing in scores of commercials and becoming the on-camera spokesman for Advil, Claritin, Old-Spice, Lowe’s, Old Navy, several law firms, and for the last 7 years, Cablevision’s Optimum TV/Internet services.

Matt has also been the voice of hundreds of products and programs on TV and the radio, has hosted, instructed and consulted for many businesses and corporations, and is presently working with the Millennium Broadway Hotel to turn their conference center, The Hudson Theater, back to its original purpose, as NYC’s second oldest and soon-to-be thriving Broadway Theater. Matt is also converting a swath of grape fields at the Laurita Winery in NJ into an outdoor special events venue and co-producing a summer music concert series on the new grounds.

Matt’s Television appearances include The Mysteries of Laura, Th!nk Tank (A&E), Person of Interest, Drop Dead Diva, Blue Bloods, Royal Pains, Made in Jersey, Rescue Me, Sherri, Cashmere Mafia, every NY soap opera, all the Law & Orders, and was the host of The Onion SportsDome on Comedy Central. Film work includes the Coen Brothers’ Burn After Reading (Golden Globe Nom: Best Picture), Sundance favorites Gigantic, Armless, and Death in Love and recently Beach Pillows, Sisterhood of Night, and Saint Janet.

Seeing comedy as the future of undiscovered talent, however, Matt attended the Upright Citizen Brigade for several years which lead to an opportunity to audition for Saturday Night Live. Though he wasn’t cast that year, his teammate Casey Wilson was.

But Matt’s largest audience by far is online having appeared as a regular comedy sketch artist for and other sites, most notably as Mitt Romney. His Mitt Romney Style (parody of Gangnam Style) has garnered almost 100 million hits around the web.

A career shift seems underfoot as Matt has launched and is executive producing and anchoring a good-news-only web broadcast called “On The Bright Side.” He was offered an anchor chair for CBS News NY, and is aiming at an MA in Journalism at Columbia University next year. A future in Politics has never been ruled out either.

His personal life includes raising his daughter and son in suburban New Jersey, while renovating & restoring his 100+ year old farmhouse as a historic landmark. He coaches Lacrosse, builds custom birdhouses, and tends to his charitable causes fighting cancer, feeding starving children around the world, and helping abandoned and abused pets.